The word ‘Patio’ means backyard in Spanish, and gets used for dining and other types of outdoor entertainment areas. Often times patios are an extension of your interiors and serves to double your living space.

Outdoor Patio Designs

Stone Garden Trellis Outdoor Patio

Stoned paving that is enhanced by a beautiful garden trellis supported by four solid stone pillars that blends in perfectly with the stoned pathway is one way of bringing out the best of your garden while providing entertainment for your guests at the same time.

Terracotta Style Patio

The beautiful terracotta style outdoor patio creates a feeling among your guests that they are still indoors as they have full roofing and lighting where the only thing that is missing is walling. This is a great way to extend your living space while connecting with outdoor living.

Outdoor Garden Feature Patio

Terracotta Style Patio

The outdoor sitting room ensures that you get to enjoy the comforts of indoor living as everyone experience the warmth of the outdoor fireplace that is neatly situated on the outskirts of very attractive stone paving.

Stylish Bamboo Outdoor Patio Space

Stylish black bamboo seating with innovative side tables is the perfect way to end your day while mingling with your guests in front of an inviting cozy fireplace that is accentuated with bright outdoor lamps that is placed strategically.

Meal Preparation Outdoor Patio Area

The perfect way to entertain your guest is through using an open area preparation station that is equipped with a gas grill that lets you prepare a tasty barbecue while your guests get to relax a few feet away from you under the protection of a solid overhead cover that provides lighting for night time.

Unused Outdoor Space Turned Into A Patio Area

One of the best ways to turn unused space into something useful is to cover the floor area with slatted wooden blocks and decorate the rest of the outdoor area with comfortable seating and beautify it with colorful scatter cushions, a coffee table and bamboo sticks.

King of Kings Outdoor Pool Patio

Your own piece of paradise as your patio area makes you and your guests feel like the Pharaohs of nature as you nestle into a mini pool that is surrounded by a white pillared patio pergola draped by beige curtains where the mini deck blends in well with puffed up brown pillows to provide comfortable seating for your guests.

Luxurious Resort Type Patio


Experience true outdoor adventure with this outdoor private patio area where you get to create the perfect retreat that is suitable for the purpose of relaxing with the stylish relaxer chairs. It is one of the best ways to experience the great outdoors while entertaining your guests with ample seating that includes dining facilities and a well positioned out of the ordinary coffee table that is uniquely different.

More and more people are looking to enhance their outdoor space while providing a means for entertaining their guests. We suggest that you make efficient use of your outdoor living space as it may prove to be thoroughly entertaining as well as inviting while truly bringing out the best way to enjoy nature and the company of friends and family.

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