Coffeemania seems to have swept the whole world. Famous manufacturers almost daily bring to the market advanced devices for making a fragrant drink. How to understand the huge assortment and choose a coffee maker for the house, which will please both the price and the quality? We share secrets.

How to Choose a Coffee Maker: The Cheapest Options

Today, a huge number of modern coffee machines are presented in household appliances stores, but, as a rule, their price, to put it mildly, is alarming. However, some manufacturers sell coffee makers, the cost of which will not hit your pocket.

Budget coffee makers come in several forms:

  •   French press;
  •   Geyser type coffee maker;
  •   Electric Turk.

Differences Between a Coffee Machine and a Coffee Machine

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A coffee maker and a coffee machine are devices created with the same purpose – to brew coffee, but with different functions. The main difference between a coffee machine and a coffee machine is that the coffee machine requires additional intervention (pre-heating water, grinding coffee, etc.), and the coffee machine is an independent, “smart” and fully automated electrical appliance.

It should also be noted that all coffee makers, as a rule, prepare an invigorating drink by heating water, and coffee machines with steam. This allows you to get a better saturated taste, as well as aroma. Coffee makers are designed to make ordinary Americano, and coffee machines prepare different types of coffee drink – espresso, americano, ristretto, coffee with additives (milk, cream, syrup, sugar, etc.) – latte, cappuccino, raff, macchiato, flat white and others.

In addition, coffee makers do not take up much space and can be used even in the field, while coffee machines do not, as they take up a lot of space and require power.

To prepare the finished drink, exclusively ground coffee is put in the coffee machine, and grains are placed in the coffee machine. It also positively affects the completeness of the disclosure of the taste of the drink.

Drip (filtration) coffee makers – the principle of operation is that water heated to 203 °F enters the ground coffee, and then it flows dropwise through the filter into a special tank. This model is mainly suitable for home use.


  • the cheapest and easiest option compared to others, which also makes it possible to heat the coffee.


  • the quality and taste characteristics of coffee leave much to be desired, and also there is a need for periodic replacement of the filter.

Geyser (steam) coffee makers – steam passes through ground coffee several times on a special filter. Such coffee makers can be considered close to professional. These devices are more expensive than the previous options, but coffee, respectively, is tastier.

Espresso coffee makers or carob coffee makers are professional coffee makers, or coffee machines. The principle of operation is that hot water under pressure passes through the coffee.


  • high quality drink, minimal coffee consumption per mug.


  • high cost, the need for special grinding of coffee, suitable only for such a model, and the difficulty of washing.

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